• 2013.08: Consolidated Basic Search, Advanced search, Query Builder into a single page.
  • 2013.07: Implemented a new UI – Prime Aim looks better now and it is more intuitive in forms and interactive in results.
  • 2013.06: Added time series data to individual fact data.
  • 2013.06: Google-style Type-and-Suggest auto-complete for Concept input: Some analysts prefer searching using taxonomy concepts rather than keywords. Using auto-complete feature to save them one step to look up for concepts.
  • 2013.05: Save Your Search: Analysts can save their search with name, description and details. They can update, save as new or delete an existing search. They can click on a saved search to check the latest data points.
  • 2013.04: Added a row and a link at the top of the Excel file: Analysts would like to know what the search is when they open an Excel file they exported earlier. The search criteria are now in the Excel file. Click on the link at the end of the first row will launch the same search on the Web (with new data).
  • 2013.03: Rolled out Limited Search (single company search) to those analysts who would like to try the search without login.
  • 2013.02: Rolled out form-based searches for those analysts and financial advisers who consider the query-building too intimating.
  • 2013.01: Gradually rolled out Prime Aim 2.0 – XBRL search with more intelligence on keywords, concepts and the search results. Grouping, counting, filtering and sorting are extremely fast, even with millions of records. It has powerful text mining with concepts, labels and disclosures.

Bug Fixes:

  • 2013.06: Fixed. When a range search with FILING_DATE is used, the top row of the Excel file is messed up when results are exported to Excel.